Graphic recording

I visualize meetings, presentations and workshops in images, creating a new dimension for your event.

Digital graphic recording. Lecture by Houdini.
Analog graphic recordin. Acrylic on canvas.
MIS Årets marknadschef
Digital graphic recording
3 Step IT
Digital graphic recording
Gävle kommun
Digital graphic recording
Digital graphic recording
Digital graphic recording at their conferens
Graphic recording with PWC and their topleader program for leaders in public sector.
Marknadsföreningen i Stockholm
Digital graphic recording
Digital graphic recording
This assignment was by Simply Draw It Big
MIA projektet
Samordningsförbundet Östra Södertörn
PwC Toppledarprogram
Google Portraits
Drawing live portraits during a Google event
Stockholm Samordningsförbund
Analog graphic recording for the Stockholm Coordination Federation
Global Challenges Foundation
Analog graphic recording at the New Shape Prize event in Stockholm 28-29 May.
The Swedish Energy Agency
Analog Graphic Recording 8 meters of paper. Nordic Clean Energy Week 2018.
Börshajen Academy 2018
Digital Graphic Recording on Hoylus Sketch | Europes biggest finance event created by Andra Farhad.
Tyresö kommun
Graphic recording both on paper och digital.
Ax - kulturorganisationer i samverkan
Digital graphic recording.
PwC Toppledarprogram
Offentlig sektor
MIS - Marknadsföreningen i STHLM
Digital graphic recording
PwC Toppledarprogram
Offentlig sektor
Graphic recording on I-dagen, a fair for students.
Förtroendevaldakickoff 2017
Alexandra Pascalidou
Illustratörcentrum - ETC alternative book fair
A documentation of ETCs alternative book fair in Gothenburg 2017. Image 1) Swedens minister of culture 2) An observation from the café area.
Mark Levengood
Nyckeln till frihet är kunskap
PwC Toppledarprogram
Offentlig sektor
Transportföretagen och
Live Graphic Recording at a conference with and Transportföretagen september 8th 2017. Five meters of paper filled with drawing.
MIS – Marknadsföreningen i STHLM
Graphic Recording for Marknadsföreningen i Stockholm
PwC workshop
Capturing ideas at a workshop
Live graphic recording at a konferens.
Sociala Medier
Haninge näringsliv frukostmöte med Hans Kullin som föreläser om sociala medier
Talkaoke with Atrium Ljunberg AB
Graphic Recording and talkaoke with Atrium Ljunberg AB at Nobelberget Marknad. People who visited the market could sit down and give their opinions and what they thought about three subjects which I documented on the iPad.
Havs och vattenmyndigheten
From Source to Sea – Graphic Recording at The Swedish Water Management Conference, 16–17 May 2017
Google Portraits
Portraits at a Google event
Graphic recording at a lecture
Graphic recording at Webbdagarna Stockholm 2017
Tjejjourens big country meeting 2017
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