"I love to create! In my profession as an illustrator and graphic recorder I visualize your story. Driven by strengthening your unique expression and your creative space."
Carolines has qualifications in several techniques and work both manually, digitally and combines the two of them. She has extensive knowledge in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, she does animations and film production. Her goal is to awaken the wonder of the viewer.
Caroline has a diploma in Illustration from Berghs School of Communications (2016) and Forsberg School of Art (2016) and she studied at Art School in Stockholm 1999–2000. She graduated from the Graphic Institute of Stockholm University as a Graphic Project Manager the year of 2010. Furthermore Caroline has a two-year diploma as Media Pilot, C3L, 2003.
Caroline has a background in Marketing and has worked as a Marketing Communicator in various sectors at different companies. Earlier she worked in the commercial field as a Props Manager and Location Scout.

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